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Cargill is a leader in asphalt chemistry that goes the distance with 

attention to profits, performance, people, and the planet.

Cargill is the leader in asphalt solutions

As a worldwide presence in the asphalt industry, we deliver results for hot mix plants, DOT agencies, refineries, and asphalt mix plants.

Cargill has successfully contributed to millions of tons of asphalt, amplifying profits and performance across customers and applications. 

Drawing on the expertise of renowned scientists and global resources, we offer a powerful lineup of asphalt additives. Our solutions never force a compromise between performance and economics. 

Our experts provide laboratory evaluations and if a project requires, our team will help drive plant scale-up, quality assurance, and spec development.

Through proven asphalt chemistry and bio-based ingredients, our organization paves the way for asphalt profitability and longevity.

Count on Cargill asphalt solutions to take innovation from the lab to full-scale implementation. 

The value we bring

Cargill has worked extensively with asphalt mix producers on many successful asphalt projects. We understand innovation is important but profit is king in the construction industry. 

Cargill asphalt solutions have been strategically developed to make long-lasting roads in the most cost efficient manner. 

Additionally, we are committed to continuous improvement, always aiming to optimize dosage of our additives.

When working in collaboration with our asphalt specialists, you receive hands-on support. Our teams will be with you every step of the way from materials testing and lab evaluation to plant trials and implementation.

With Cargill asphalt solutions, your hot mix plant can deliver economical, scalable, and reliable results. 


Cargill Anova® Product Offerings

We have a proven track record of success with DOTs and other agencies. We know the importance of asphalt research that meets and exceeds industry expectations.

Cargill asphalt solutions are made for the real world and have been proven on roads across the globe.

Our organization’s asphalt specialists are experienced in navigating the challenges of introducing optimizations and improvements while balancing performance and cost.

We understand that quality and reliability are the key priorities for DOT leaders. We deliver on those standards with the added value of taking innovation from the lab to the real world.

With Cargill asphalt solutions, your agency can maximize taxpayer funds and deliver safe, resilient roads.

Cargill Anova® Product Offerings

We understand that profitability is the number one priority for asphalt refineries and terminals. Cargill delivers on cost as well as performance leveraging our trusted technology.

Drawing on our network of experienced asphalt specialists and years of research, Cargill has developed solutions for refineries and terminals. Our organization has successfuly improved cost efficiency while maintaining performance for several refinery and terminal projects.

With our reliable supply chain, refineries and terminals can trust us to deliver when it really matters.

With Cargill Asphalt Solutions, refineries and terminals can deliver what clients want — long lasting asphalt that is profitable. 

Cargill Anova® Product Offerings


How Cargill helped others go above and beyond

Featured Case Study

NCAT Test Track

As an industry leader in rejuvenator technology, Cargill funded a long-term test track research program with the National Center of Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Featured Case Study

Rejuvenated RAP Weathers the Cold - MnROAD Test Shows Strong Performance

Cargill and the Minnesota Department of Transportation forged a partnership to conduct a long-term field test on the durability of asphalt rejuvenators and the effects of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) overall.


The Cargill Asphalt Assessment Value

We understand the need to thoroughly evaluate any new asphalt solution. The Cargill Asphalt Assessment is unlike any other in the industry. Our complimentary comprehensive assessment process provides you with global industry expertise, and the resources and equipment of our diagnostic lab to help you make the best decision for your needs.

About the Asphalt Assessment Process

We are committed to creating an unmatched experience for prospective clients backed by our state-of-the-art asphalt chemistry and performance lab. We provide virgin and extracted asphalt binder analyses to develop custom dosage designs and formulations to meet your unique requirements taking into account region, weather, and traffic conditions.

How to Submit a RAP Sample

Once you’ve engaged with the Cargill asphalt team you will then be provided with simple instructions and sampling guidelines for the assessment process. The first step often involves sending us a sample of your recycled asphalt material for evaluation. Click here to begin the process.

Receive Your Review and Recommendations

The results of the assessment process are used by our experts to create a unique design and dosage report. The recommendations are customized to meet the real-life conditions and specific needs of each client. A typical report often includes performance grading, aging assessments, and advanced rheological characterization and performance predictions. Advanced reports will further include chemical fractionation, and thermal analysis, molecular size distribution, and chemical fingerprinting of the material.

From the Lab to the Road

Once the technical and economic viability of our solutions to your specific needs have been established to your satisfaction, our team will work with you to create an efficient trial and scale-up process. Backed by years of hands-on experience in the design, upgrading, and operation of asphalt plants, and plug and play additive injection equipment, our team of field technical specialists will work with you to devise the most reliable and least disruptive path to trial and implementation.

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